We are The Vital Group - a full serviceToronto-based creative agency.

At The Vital Group, we’re not just an agency; we’re a motivated and energetic team of idea-driven individuals with inquisitive minds, exceptional talents, extraordinary drive and tremendous skill sets. We incorporate a unique and valuable dynamic to our business –allowing individuals to draw upon their focused strengths and skills while remaining flexible enough to approach virtually any challenge we are presented with.

To us, creative thinking is not a solution – it’s a lifestyle. We continually challenge ourselves to view the familiar in a unique and original way and approach each task from a team-based, hands-on perspective. But most importantly, we’re passionate about this business – who we are, what we do, and what we are capable of. Our enthusiasm for the creative process and the excitement of bringing our ideas to life is what fuels us to succeed.

Essential practices guide our work:

1. Think.

We distinguish the crucial elements of your business and analyze each – your product, brand equity, market position, and the competition.

2. Build.

We devise a strategy, connect the pieces and create reasoned, insightful solutions.

3. Evolve.

We continually initiate new ideas to fortify your business in a changing market.


We help startups, corporations, retailers and luxury brands.

Design today needs to be media-agnostic. Simply stated, it needs to transcend the media to deliver an authentic experience across every platform–print, digital and large format (trade shows, signage). Meeting the technical requirements of the medium is easy (well, mostly!). The real challenge is to deliver the same design experience regardless of the device or format the customer uses to engage with your brand. For a genuine look and feel, your brand needs to be consistent every time your customer lays eyes on you. The Vital Group has the experience to know what works well in each application. Our knowledge ensures consistency in experience while maintaining high quality standards.


Graphic Design

Website Design


Photo Retouch

Motion Graphics

The best part is that we wholeheartedly believe that all companies – from the local “mom & pop” shop operations to international corporations, and everything in between – deserve superior quality and service. And that’s exactly what we deliver. We strive to be a part of your business and your marketing mix to allow us to effectively anticipate your needs and respond to the ever-changing demands of your industry – in whatever capacity you may require.


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